Tuesday 24th April 2018,

Betting Tools

Accumulator Comparison Calculator

For anyone thats interested, I’ve uploaded my Excel spreadsheet that I use whenever I’m placing an accumulator. I check the odds at all the bookies using somewhere like BestBetting.com and then put them into this little spreadsheet. It usually takes about 10 mins but at the end I know which bookies are offering the best odds for my coupon. The difference between bookies can be massive so its well worth spending the time and working out the best one. This will hopefully save you time and if you’re lucky enough earn you even more money! Download it here. Its only about 124kb in size and you’ll need Microsoft Excel or something similar to run it. If you can think of any improvements to it feel free to drop me an email.

Probability Calculator

I’ve uploaded a simple little probability calculator that will allow you to work out the implied probability of an outcome/event according to the bookies. This will help you determine whether you think a bet is good value based on the odds available. Again it’s an Excel spreadsheet so you’ll need to open it on Excel or something similar.

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