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WTA Taiwan: K Piter v D Pfizenmaier

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WTA Taiwan: K Piter v D Pfizenmaier

Both players have a big opportunity in Taiwan to get some big WTA points before the end of 2013 season. Piter player very well a few weeks ago in Luxembourg and is definitely on the up, a new breed of Polish players coming through. At 22 she still has time to develop and she could well end 2013 inside the WTA top 100. Dinah Pfizenmaier is higher ranked but the underdog in this match. The German can play  very well and although more successful on clay she has plenty of power and a good 1st serve to be able to win some points cheaply. This is a big match for both so expect plenty of unforced errors, but I think Dinah can just do it

D Pfizenmaier 2.25 Bet365 to defeat K Piter



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